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If you're taking your own car and it has damaged bodywork, get this officially certified when you enter Slovakia, otherwise you'll have difficulty getting the go-ahead to take your car out of the country.112 - Here's a really important bit of knowledge; you can dial 112 from anywhere in Europe and an operator will connect you to an emergency service in the country you're visiting.Operators can answer your call in their native language, English, and French.Mr Fico would rather the UK and EU both remain unscathed when current talks are over, and has praised Theresa May on her approach to negotiations.He told the Tasr news agency: "I welcome the fact that she has offered more guarantees to EU citizens who live and work in the UK."Slovakia currently survives on the export of cars and electronics to other EU members, so any Brexit-related damage to the union could also mean damage to their own economy.[it] only creates tension between people who have lived peacefully side by side".

The recent election of Andrej Babis in the Czech Republic has been a key example of attitudes throughout the rest of the region.

As a result, you may find on occasion that certain prices are no longer available.

The Slovakian Prime Minister of nine years was in Brussels for the EU summit this week, when he stated that Brexit negotiations should not benefit the UK.

The law sets out to encourage the use of Slovak in official business in minority areas.

Slovakia says the move is in accord with European standards, but protestors argue it breaks international laws.

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