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Therefore she can avoid testifying simply on the basis of her Fifth Amendment right to not incriminate herself, which would be available to her even if she wasn’t married to Nelson.

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7, and a venue: a visitation cubicle inside the Jackson County, Missouri, detention center.“There was glass between them,” Pastor Clemons said of the unorthodox ceremony. I left them alone after that.”And at the time the pastor never had any reason to question their motives, either.“We were there because they felt like God had brought them together and they wanted to be joined in holy matrimony,” he said.”And they seemed to be smitten.“I read people’s faces and I feel I can see love in people’s faces.Either the diaper-disgraced Nelson rose up, pulled out a pistol, and fatally shot Fletcher before hunting down her boyfriend and his own son; otherwise, it was Davis that had actually killed Nelson, and then forced her boyfriend to prove his love by rubbing out potential eyewitnesses in Fletcher’s boyfriend and his own boy.Benson told police that Nelson and Davis picked him up following the slayings and that Davis was inconsolable, wailing as they all drove off together.“No matter if this guy and his woman goes back in the jail for the rest of their lives I don’t get any satisfaction because Shannon’s life was taken.”The family has been “pitching in” to raise Rollins’s son and daughter who are now fatherless.The fact that his nephew’s alleged killers are now married further salts the wound torn open by bullets.“The only way we get justice is if we kill that motherfucker ourselves and that ain’t going to happen,” he said.

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