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Makhdoom has shared her first selfie yesterday since the Twitter bust-up with husband Amir Khan saying 'hold your head high', shortly after retweeting a message from the Koran on social media warning people to 'show no arrogance'.

The model, 26, last night tried to backtrack on her astonishing love-split Twitter feud with Khan by deleting her tweets from their spat and claiming she had been hacked so the couple could stay together for the sake of their daughter, a source close to the family has said.

I know it's something that you guys don't want to see.'But it was it's what my ex-wife's drawn me to do. Ms Becknazar later posted a video to play down her night with the welterweight champion.

She said: 'Whatever I posted on my Instagram story it was all on Amir's behalf and there's nothing wrong about it. I just need to rest and to speak to some people.'On Friday, the former world welterweight champion accused his wife of having an affair with Anthony Joshua, which he denied, and Makhdoom unloaded on her husband's flailing boxing career and cheating past before deleting the posts.

Obviously, me and Faryal have decided to move on and I have decided walk away.'Nothing has been hacked. It's like I'm a single mother while he's out messing around. Laundry worker Hiyat, who works at Launderette in Golders Green, where the star boxer is a regular customer said the boxer has not been seen since mid-July.

We have to move forward it's not healthy for any of us. His mother Yeta had also not been into the shop, where Anthony has had his laundry done since 2009, for a few days.

He added Makhdoom had briefed two publications in UK and one English paper in Pakistan about the 'hacked' account as part of her plan to win Khan back. The source said: 'Amir stood his ground and told her that it was over and that he had mentally decided to move on from her and that he was unable to take it anymore.'He hung up on her and when she texted again with threatening messages, he released video message to put an end to it all.' Makhdoom allegedly told Khan that they were not officially divorced because he had not said the Talaak (Arabic for divorce) to her three times as tradition requires.

Khan then texted her 'talaak, talaak, talaak', said the source.

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Khan's family, who have infamously criticised his wife in public, waded into the debacle, launching an attack on the model by calling her 'selfish' and even claiming she drove him into depression.So that's it basically.'Yesterday, Khan tweeted to say he will be flying to San Francisco in mid-August to ‘put everything behind him’ and train to get his career in the ring back on track just hours before posting a topless photo of himself. I’ve not slept all night.'I went to see some people at the marina and I’ve been up all night. While some fans backed the former world championship boxer who is planning a big return to the ring, others saw Khan's announcement on Twitter as an opportunity to land a knock-out gag.In the Instagram story which appeared on Ms Becknazar's page @principessa_persiana, Khan is in the back of a car with her and can be heard saying: 'Hey what's up? Just chilling in Dubai'He was spotted by a reporter for the Sunday Mirror trudging back to his £160-a-night hotel room near the the world’s tallest building the Burj Khalifa. Khan wrote: 'Mid August I'm off to San Francisco to start my training. Get back on top with big fights.'To which user Dan Irving, Manchester United season ticket holder, responded with: 'Finally, you've managed to take something on the chin,' poking fun at the light-welterweight's struggles in the past to take a punch.But today she shared a message from an account called 'The Noble Qu'ran', with a verse 'And be moderate (or show no arrogance) in your walking and lower your voice.' And she posted the first picture of herself since the announcement, wearing an off-the-shoulder top and ripped jeans and appearing to be standing in a hotel bathroom.A friend yesterday said Makhdoom contacted Khan in Dubai and her parents got in touch with his family in Bolton to offer an olive branch and say it was in the pair's best interests to stay together for the sake of their daughter Lamaisah, two.

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