Define antedating

It is given and common sense that a person in the claimant's position would have numerous things to do within a short span of time.

This was a traumatic experience for the claimant and it constitutes a good cause for delay in filing her claim. Appellant: Charlotte Sayeau Date: 2001 Cumulative Effects CUB 56558 - The claimant states three reasons as to why he did not apply immediately: he did not think he qualified, belief in that he could find a job and the death of his sister. In the appeal to the Umpire, the claimant made the same arguments.

The Board did not take into account the attempt that the claimant made at using the Teledec system. Appellant: Brian Bartraw Date: 205 -Upon her loss of employment, the claimant received vacation and severance pay totaling 46.

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It has not been altered or updated after the date of archiving.

Upon assessment by the Commission it was determined that the claimant qualified for only 24 weeks of benefits rather than the 32 weeks she was expecting.

When the record of employment was sent to the claimant, she did not open her mail and therefore did not claim her benefits on time.

The Umpire goes on to state the following: " I find that the claimant has provided reasons for his delay which taken together should have shown good cause for his delay.

Taken into consideration the social aspect of the Employment Insurance Act, the benefit of the doubt should be given to claimants in such situations rather than use the legislation to find a way to prevent the claimant from receiving benefits." The Board's decision was placed aside and the appeal was allowed.

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