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At its most severe (and most rare), a retroverted uterus that does not correct itself in early pregnancy can cause what is called an incarcerated uterus, where the growing fundus does not grow out of the pelvis.Instead, it becomes trapped under the sacral promontory and causes severe pain and difficulty with normal uterine stretching.In the case of retroversion, placing the tenaculum on the posterior lip of the cervix can pull a retroverted uterus to a vertical position*.Since most uteruses are anterior, placing the tenaculum on the anterior lip pulls these uteri in the appropriate position.FYI: The Mayo Clinic gives a definitive “no” to the question of whether retroversion causes infertility.

If you have come in with a reported symptom, hopefully the provider would discuss their assessment with you to rule diagnoses in or out.

These terms refer to the position of the uterus in the pelvis.

The uterus is held in place by four muscle-like fibers called ligaments, specifically two round ligaments, one on each side, as well as the vesico-uterine ligament in the front and the sacro-uterine ligament in the back.

According to the Arvigo website (discussed further below), bone injury such as a fall/accident, impact exercise like running on cement, and emotional armoring can also cause uterine malposition.

Again, loving The Fenway resource from 1906, other causes of the retro uterus may include “Improper methods of dressing, particularly wearing tight corsets and heavy skirts suspended from the waist,” “Occupations which require hours of continuous standing, or sitting at a bench or table,” “Loss of the pelvic fat, which aids, to some extent, in supporting the uterus,” “Prolonged dorsal decubitus after parturition or abortion, when the uterus is heavy and the parts are relaxed.” The Fenway also lists many possible causes which are repeated in modern resources, including an overlap with Arvigo: “extreme nervousness.” Infertility.

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