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It wasn't until 1989 that she would really make her commercial breakthrough.

Working with a new label (Capitol Records), Raitt hit her stride, smoothing out the kinks in her style to strike a successful balance between commercial and critical success.

There were so many great music and political scenes going on in the late '60s in Cambridge." Alongside her interest in social issues of the day, Raitt kept up with her music and often played at local coffeehouses between classes, fine-tuning her signature style — a gritty, passionate voice coupled with skillful interpretations on the bottleneck guitar.

Bonnie Raitt’s first few albums largely comprised traditional blues material and introduced Raitt's supple phrasing, feminist stance, and abilities as a slide guitarist.

She "apprenticed" with Sippie Wallace, Mississippi Fred Mc Dowell and Muddy Waters when those storied performers were about the same age she is now.

Raitt's said she's grateful that her elders didn't just teach her about music."They didn't really seem to care whether their fans were 500 people or you know, 50,000 at some festival," Raitt recalled.

Despite nine Grammys and several other accolades, Raitt's remains humble onstage and off.

Before her show, Raitt joked about her age, noting she needs two pairs of glasses -- one for distance and one for reading.

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